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Fits all deadbolts

Sesame works with just about any single cylinder deadbolt in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia thanks to five-patented self-adjusting mechanisms. Sesame doesn't even need to be exactly at the center of your lock or at any specific angle. It just works with your lock perfectly.

Remote access

The optional Wi-Fi Access Point allows guests to enter no matter where you are. Control who has access and when. You can check if the door is locked from your phone, whether you’re home in bed or across the world.

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  • Remote knock

    Don't even pull out your phone. A custom knock on your phone or door is enough to open Sesame.

  • Long lasting battery

    Sesame lasts about 500 days, and sends a notification when the batteries are low.

  • Key still works

    On top of all that, you can still use your key to open the door and there is a thumb turn on Sesame for indoor manual usage

  • Auto lock

    Have your door automatically lock as you close it.

  • Voice control

    Talk to your phone to open the door.

  • Under development

    We are working hard to bring you more cool features.

  • A collection of 3 Sesame devices in black, gold and white
  • A smartphone and a Sesame device


Can I still use my original key or manually lock/unlock the door? YES.

Yes, of course. There is a thumb turn on Sesame for indoor manual usage and your key still works.

What if my phone is lost/stolen?

You can log-on to and remove access authorization for that device. When you get a new phone, simply download the Sesame App and log in to your account. And key still works.

What if my phone is out of power? And what if Sesame is out of power?

Sesame's power lasts about 500 days. It will keep notifying you through app when batteries are low. Also, it is very easy to order CR123A batteries on Amazon/eBay and get them in two days.

What phone should I have to use Sesame?

Sesame is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

I have an old door lock, will Sesame work?

Sesame is designed to work on any Single-Cylinder deadbolts in the world. Current model is optimized for US/Canada/North Europe. If you would like to make sure whether Sesame works, please send a picture of your door lock to

Is Sesame safe?

Sesame is AES 256-bit and TLS 1.2 encrypted, which is military grade encryption. Sorry, bad guys.

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